Scott Berry endorses NCAA decision; USM Head Baseball Coach in favor of relief

Despite the future challenges of college baseball with regards to recruiting, scholarship limitations, and roster size, the means certainly appear to justify the end.

Yesterday, the NCAA granted eligibility forgiveness to all spring athletes regardless of sport or classifications.

That ruling is especially impactful for the seniors that wanna run it back in 2021, but depending on how many outgoing players take advantage of that second chance, coaches could face some tough decisions as to how many new players to bring on and who gets to play.

Even still, you’d be hard pressed to find a skipper unwilling to pay that price, especially in a state like Mississippi where college baseball is king.

Here’s Southern Miss Head Man Scott Berry with his stamp of approval. “Well, I think it’s very important. Like I said, they didn’t get to cross the finish line like all the other senior classes had before them and I think that’s very important. I think that every one of these guys should have some type of closure with their baseball career, whether it’s at college or whether it’s professional or whether it was in high school. To have that taken away and not being able to be done right would have been a shame so I think the ruling that the NCAA did was certainly very, very good for the student-athlete for sure.”

Southern Miss was well on its way to a fifth straight 40-win season when the 2020 campaign was suspended and later canceled with an overall record of 12-4.

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