Sci-Fi Movie and Reality Show to Start Shooting in Gautier

An estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in 2010 and producers of a new film hope to bring awareness to the problems the spill still causes today.
A mutating virus, flesh eating fish, a horror story wrapped in suspense and intrigue: it’s all part of “Transmutation” a new sci-fi film to be shot in Gautier.
Mayor Gordon Gollott said, “It’s mostly related to the oil spill in the Gulf, so it will be interesting to see how the thing comes out, and how it will be developed and hopefully we’ll get some good publicity out of it.”
The movie tells the story of an aspiring actress returning to her hometown of Gautier after hearing her sister is stricken with a spreading virus. What she finds is a lot more than a virus plaguing her town. Producers of this sci-fi film hope it will bring awareness to the lingering problems caused by the BP Oil Spill.
R.H. Doty with Ancient Tracker Productions said, “The stuff that’s at the bottom of the Gulf is going to be there for 100 years, it’s not going to away so we need to do something and be prepared for all the things that it’s going to cause.”
Filming begins on October 6th. Familiar names linked to the film include Richard Tyson from “Black Hawk Down” and Marco St. John from “Thelma and Louise”.
Open auditions for the movie “Transmutation” will be held on August 15th from 10 to 3 and the Gautier Public Library.
Also, while Gautier will be represented on the big screen, Gautier resident Troy Lynn Harvey will be representing the city on the small screen on a reality show called “Endless Yard Sales”. “We’re trying to find something that’s valuable but we’re trying to get it for cheap and then after each area we go visit, one item we get they have an appraiser come in and whoever has the highest appraisal, they win. So we’re trying to win and we will be representing Gautier and also our church.”
The show airs on the Great American County Channel.

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