Scarlet Pearl Sportsbook sees success

Just a month removed from opening up their sportsbook, the Scarlet Pearl Casino is seeing success.

The Scarlet Pearl partnered with daily-fantasy providers DraftKings on their sportsbook. Although the Sportsbook was built during football season, they’ve still seen great numbers through their first month.

With sports gambling being new to the Coast, the casino didn’t know how people would react. However, with the added success of the New Orleans Saints, people love to come in and bet on their favorite team.  Sportsbook Director Nico Sfanos said, “People that are traditionally just Saints fans, now they’re getting hip to sports gambling, showing interest in other teams from around the country, college, professional, and even diving into other sports other than football.”

You can follow the Scarlet Pearl on social media to hear about any future events that the Sportsbook may be hosting.

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