Scarlet Pearl Job Fair at the D’iberville Civic Center

Hundreds of eager hopefuls were waiting at the doors of the D’iberville Civic Center this morning for the Scarlet Pearl Casino job fair.They were all hoping to be one of the 1,200 people hired to work at D’iberville’s first casino.
The casino hasn’t even opened yet, but a line of people wrapped around the D’iberville Civic Center this morning, as thousands decided to try their luck at landing a job at the Scarlet Pearl Casino.
Lifelong D’iberville resident Adrianne Grady claimed her spot at 4 a.m. She was the first in line and hoped to impress casino leaders enough to get on the payroll when her hometown casino is set to open in December. “I wanted to be first in line,” said Grady, “I want them to know how important it is and how much it means. I’ve been waiting on them for over 20 years.”
By midday, thousands had walked through these doors with high hopes, like that of a gambler. “Anxious, nervous, eager, excited. You know, we’ve been watching it go up forever, so you know it’s time,” said Grady.
Many of these potential employees have already submitted applications for the Scarlet Pearl Casino online. Today, their main focus is to speak to some of the members of the leadership teams from each department to see which job best suits them.
Long Beach resident Robert Lute said, “I came today just to put a face with my resume and they go ‘man that guy had a beautiful smile’ and he’s got something to back him up with.”
Robert Lute hopes his smile and skills go a long way. Lute just moved back to Mississippi to take care of his mother, who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. A position here means more to him than simply a job; it’s also a matter of survival for him and his family. “If it’s something you really want, you’re going to be here no matter what or what time.”

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