Scarlet Pearl Held Topping Off Ceremony Today

1200 pilings, enough dirt to fill the Shuckers stadium, more than 2,000 tons of steel and enough concrete to build a sidewalk from D’iberville to Jackson: after all of that and more, construction of the Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort in D’iberville hit a milestone today with their topping off ceremony. The Roy Anderson Corporation held the ceremony thanking the hundreds of construction workers for their hard work and giving away thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes. The city says that even with the recent wet weather, they are still ahead of schedule.
“It’s going to mean jobs, it’s going to mean very much income for the city of D’iberville and the off-site businesses it’s going to create as well, so it’s also going to bring tourists in, we’re going to have thousands of people coming here to see this casino, so we’re very, very pleased that it’s finally becoming a reality,” said Bobby Eleuterius, D’iberville city manager.
The casino is slated to open mid-December.

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