Santa with a Badge Delivers Gifts

In a few days, children across the country will run to their Christmas trees to see what presents have been left for them. But for some, they’ll be met with nothing, an unfortunate situation the Biloxi Police Department is looking to prevent. They did that today by delivering gifts to families in Biloxi. News 25’s Bryan Kennedy tagged alongside the Biloxi PD as they appeared as Santa with a Badge.
Shannon Cyrus’ two children stand next to a tree with no presents underneath it but they’re still smiling. Smiling because it’ll be bare no more thanks to Biloxi’s police department’s Santa with a Badge. “I don’t work and my husband works for Waffle House for $10 an hour, which right now with our bills and stuff, Christmas is a real struggle for us. So, being able to get gifts like this is a real blessing for us.”
A blessing the Biloxi Police Department has been delivering to families for almost seven years now. Families opening their door today to presents were recommended by church groups, community leaders and the school district. Because of Santa with a Badge, this year 200 kids in Biloxi will wake up Christmas morning to presents. Sergeant Jackie Rhodes of Biloxi PD was the Santa with a Badge today but who is Santa without his helpers from the Biloxi Police Explorer and Campus Security program. Santa’s Helpers Christian Cheskevich said, “It feels really good and I feel better about myself because I’m helping out the community.” “It feels amazing helping kids and stuff,” said Santa’s Helper Brenden Dossett
This was the scene for most of the day: a knock, a special delivery and a smile from a happy family. This is a gesture the police department says bridges the gap between the community and the department. “They find out, ‘hey, just because they wrote me a ticket one day doesn’t mean they’re all bad.’ So, it’s a great program. We enjoy it. It’s one of our big programs we do every year. It’s a lot of fun,” said Sgt. Rhodes.
For families like Shannon Cyrus’ it means her children will have toys for Christmas and for that, she simply wants to say thank you. “I want to say God bless you, Merry Christmas. We love everything that y’all are doing and keep safe out there this year.”
Sgt. Rhodes says Santa with a Badge wouldn’t be possible without the Biloxi schools, the explorer’s program and the school’s security council.

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