Sand solution in Biloxi

Hurricane Nate may have swept sand onto Highway 90, but the mess is actually helping Mayor Gilich with his sand solution project.
Mayor Gilich, along with a team of researchers, addressed the idea to build a concrete boardwalk along Highway 90. The interlocking ‘L’ shaped segments would be installed from about the fifth step of the nine step seawall outward to the beach, creating a ten foot concrete walkway.
The southern edge of the walkway would be lined with an elevated barrier that could serve as a bench and an additional deterrent to blowing sand.
Mayor Gilich tells News 25 the sand that Nate blew onto the roadway supports his solution of building the seawall. “It will support our efforts, you know, if you add another one and a half foot of protection, I think reasonable people will say yeah that makes sense and this is an opportunity, actually we have a demonstratable kind of models to see how it will actually work. So, we’re real encouraged.”
The City of Biloxi spends on average about half a million dollars every year on removing sand from the highway.

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