Sand on Roadways Along Highway 90

When stormy weather blows through town, the effects can often be seen on the roadways of Highway 90, sand and lots of it. As News 25’s Shelby Myers reports, it can often be a hazard for drivers and bikers.
If you’re strolling along Highway 90 in Biloxi, it appears as though Mr. Sandman paid a visit. Recent storms over the holidays have scattered sand from the beaches and now they’ve accumulated onto Highway 90 and the sidewalk, leaving behind a danger for bikers and drivers. City of Biloxi Chief Innovation and Development Officer F. Cliff Kirkland said, “It’s a safety issue. In fact, we’ve had some complaints from bicyclists that ride along the boardwalk and have to go out into the parking bays and come up on the sand.”
One of the bicyclists eager for the city to do some cleaning up is Tom Ennis. He rides his bike up and down Highway 90 nearly every day. “It’s just a matter of time before it will happen. You know, someone will seriously get hurt,” said Ennis.
It was Ennis’ own seven-year-old son who almost suffered a serious injury from riding through the sand. “He hit a little sand pile and he took a hard, hard fall, skinned him up his knees and his elbow pretty bad. It was on the cement. Children particularly, they don’t know what to do when they hit those sand piles and they lose it and they fall down and get hurt.”
Mayor Gilich is now tasking city crews to clean up the sand that has remained in parking bays and turning lanes since November. “Some point next week, we’ll have public work crews and Department of Parks and Recreation crews will be out there. Both will start at different ends of the city and meet up at some point,” said Kirkland.
Ennis says he’s just ready to begin riding without fearing for his or his son’s safety.
Starting next week, the Department of Public Works will cleanup sand along one end of Highway 90 and the Department of Parks and Recreation will begin cleanup on the other end.

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