Sand Covers Highway 90

If you’ve traveled along Highway 90 the past 36 hours, you’ve noticed sand covering the road. Today, MDOT crews were out bright and early doing their best to remove it.
Rain and strong winds pelted the Coast yesterday, causing floods. But now that waters have receded, one of the last remnants of the storm is the sand along Highway 90. MDOT started this morning near Debuys Road, using heavy equipment to start scooping up the sand. In the areas where the crews were cleaning, traffic was narrowed to one lane.
Harrison County Sand Beach Authority Director Chuck Loftis said, “We had gusts up to 40 miles per hour. When you have that kind of wind, you’re going to have sand deposit up on the highway. We do the best we can with our dune vegetation and our sand fencing to lower the profile but once you have that kind of wind, if you don’t have that in place, it’s going to go over the seawall.”
MDOT crews expect to be done with sand removal by the end of the week.

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