Salvation Army Red Kettle Record

One local man is ringing in the holiday season by attempting to breaking a Salvation Army world record. News 25’s Laurene Callander introduces us to Jamie Richardson during his week-long mission in doing the most good.
Jamie Richardson is one tough soldier, a Salvation Army soldier. In hopes of doing the most good, Richardson plans to ring the iconic bell for the Red Kettle Campaign for 150 consecutive hours. “I’m just attempting. I think I can do it. I’ve got a good mental outlook on it.”
His mission began on Monday at midnight outside of the Walmart on CT Switzer Road to break the Salvation Army world record. The end goal is to finish ringing on Sunday, December 4th at 7 a.m., totaling 151 hours. So far, it is not completely filled with holiday cheer. “At night, you know, it is dark. There’s not a lot of people around and your body kind of wants to conserve energy and it’s like you are a zombie. You’re just kind of like I don’t know it’s hard to explain. There was a point last night where I was like I can’t do this anymore and then the sun came up and I was okay,” said Richardson.
And Jamie is not letting the expected bad weather rain on his parade. If it gets a little too wet outside he moves the red kettle underneath a tent and rings the bell from there.
“(Would you be able to do it?) No, I’m too old,” said Biloxi resident Jamie Willcockson.
So what keeps Richardson going? The little victories, coffee, and community support. “I’ll bring you a cup of coffee tomorrow, tomorrow night. It will keep you going. If you make it. I appreciate you,” said Willcockson.

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