Salvation Army deploys to Alabama to help tornado victims

While the cold air settles in for a few days, it’s important to remember we are now in severe weather season. A tornado ripped through Alabama this past weekend leaving 23 people dead and dozens displaced from their homes and this morning volunteers from the Salvation Army jumped into action to do their part.

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are there to at least start the tunnel hopefully.”

Disaster struck over the weekend in Alabama. Tuesday morning, Major Bradley Caldwell and Michael Cowart Jr. loaded up a truck at the Kroc Center in Biloxi and set out to not only assist with giving people food, water, and supplies, but also something more: a caring listener. “We will also just come along beside workers and the victims of the storms and just try to hear their stories and be with them, give them support, and encouragement.”

“Knowing that at the end of the day it is just stuff and you can accumulate more stuff and yeah it sucks that it is gone, but you have your family.”

For Michael Cowart Jr. this deployment hits home hard and brings back memories of when his family received the same help 13 years ago. “It boils back down to Hurricane Katrina when they came over and helped us. The whole Gulf Coast got basically hammered with that storm and a tornado is just a localized hurricane in a small area minus the water. They came over to help us and it is important to me to be able to pay that back to them.”

Another group of volunteers will join the emotional support team at Incident Command in Alabama once more space becomes available. This time bringing the canteen truck, a truck that has the capabilities to cook a hot meal. “It’s a two week deployment that might be shorter than that, but we are ready to be there for two weeks. It’s a long process to overcome something like this.”

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