Saints LB Demario Davis weighs in on the plan for NFL fans

Within the last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci was on record saying the NFL should play the 2020 season in a bubble format or consider not playing at all due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But according to The Athletic, the NFL is still looking at a third option.

Fans in the stands still appears to be a very real possibility with the NFL reportedly delegating that decision to individual teams and local governments.

According to a source in the article, there won’t be a one-size-fits-all attendance policy.  That means any given Sunday one stadium could be completely empty while another stadium could be completely full or at least partially full.

As one of the original hot spots for COVID-19, New Orleans could lean more towards the empty side, but even then Saints Linebacker Demario Davis still has concerns. “I’m glad that’s not my decision to make. That’s much higher than my pay grade. And that’s a decision that a lot of people have to spend a lot of time in figuring what’s the best way for us to rally through the season and get back going, just like every job. Every workforce is trying to figure out an answer to these questions, not just football. My personal opinion about it is I think it’s safest when we all can go back. If it’s not good for some people, it’s not good for anybody. So I think a game where it’s okay for the players to participate, but not okay for the fans to participate – well, if it’s not safe for the fans, it can’t be safe for the players. And so then if the players are out risking exposure, they’re risking exposure of their families and all these different things. So I think we need to think a lot more about more in terms of when it’s safe for everybody, that’s when we should all resume operations.”

NFL training camps are currently slated to open in late July.

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