Sailors return home

Each year, the Navy Seabees deploy on hundreds of missions across the world. While their humanitarian efforts are helping make the world a better place, their loved ones are anxious to have them home. News 25’s Tanner Stewart joins families on the base to welcome them back.
On deck at the Seabee Base, hundreds of family members are gathering together to welcome home their dearly beloveds. Nearly two hundred sailors are returning home to their families after a six month tour.
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion One, or NMCB1, was deployed in 25 countries at 43 locations supporting operations in Afghanistan and across Southwest Asia providing humanitarian support and building partnerships overseas while their friends and family patiently awaited their return. Father of a Seabee Steven Elly said, “I’m just anxious to see her. It seems like it took forever for her to get back.”
For some families waiting on their loved ones to return home, today is nothing new. Some Seabees have made more than a dozen deployments throughout their career. One thing is for certain, each family member is glad to see their sailor back on American soil. Wife of a Seabee Kirstin Tipps said, “There’s always like that nervousness, kind of like butterflies, because it’s been so long since you’ve seen them. I’m just really excited for my three-year-old because this is the first time since his three deployments that she kinda gets it so we’ve been really building up the excitement with her and talking about daddy dancing with her when he comes in.”
Commander Lance Flood said, “So, my boy is supposed to be in school, but I think he came down with a 12 hour virus here, but hopefully his teachers aren’t watching, but we’re gonna go spend a little time reconnecting and then we’ll stand down a couple days and then we’re looking to take a little vacation. My hometown is Charleston, South Carolina so we’ll hope to get back home and see the family there.”
These people are not just getting their family members back today, but also a piece of their heart.

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