Safety rules for winter road emergencies

Mississippi Department of Transportation is busy prepping for the winter weather advisory.

MDOT’s Kelly Castleberry tells News 25 that crews are out today salting area bridges to help alleviate the ice threat. They’ll continue to monitor the situation through the night.

He reminds drivers that bridges will be the first to ice over as temperatures drop.

Working alongside MDOT to ensure road safety, MHP Troop K will be patrolling the coastal counties, keeping motorists aware of hazardous road conditions.

Follow their Facebook or Twitter for notifications on wrecks or road closures.

When it gets below 35 degrees the road conditions can change drastically and black ice could form on roads. Trooper Cal Robertson said, “Black ice is hard to drive on. The vehicle does not get traction. You can’t steer your vehicle so brake slowly. Do not make any sudden changes with your vehicle until you get off the bridge.”

When driving conditions worsen, MHP typically has a higher call volume, meaning if you’re in an emergency situation it could take longer for them to respond to you.

Depending on how severe road conditions are, the best advice they can give is to stay home and off the roadways.

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