Safety Projects in Jackson County

Safety first: the old saying Jackson County plans on making a priority in 13 different sites.
These projects work to prevent drivers from running off the road. Some areas include Seaman Road in Vancleave, Fontainebleau Road, Daisy-Vestry Road in Latimer and Wade-Vancleave Road.
Some of the proposed solutions include striping, reflective markers, improvements to shoulders and an increase in signage. The projects will cost $706,000 in federal money. The county will put up $20,000 but officials say these improvements will benefit drivers. Planning Director David Taylor said, “Mostly it’s just people running off the road, either the shoulders are bad or their tires slip off the edge of the road and they’re drawn immediately into a ditch. We’re trying to fix the roads where there’s less likely for that to happen or if people’s tires do leave the road, they’ve got a better shoulder so that they’ll have a better chance of recovery and getting back into the lane without having an accident.”
The second phase of the project includes meeting with the county road manager. They plan on finalizing the list of sites that will be worked on in the near future.

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