Safety Concerns for “Pokémon” Players

City officials want “Pokémon Go” players to know there are some areas in Biloxi that are a “Pokémon” no, especially this weekend.
As the mania continues, the Biloxi Visitors Center and the Lighthouse have become popular places for “Pokémon” players to congregate.
City officials tell News 25 they think it’s great that the app is encouraging people to appreciate some of Biloxi’s historical landmarks, but safety is becoming a concern. Biloxi Public Affairs Director Vincent Creel says he doesn’t want “Pokémon” players that play by the lighthouse to cause car accidents. “Highway 90 is a very busy thoroughfare. We have anywhere from 40 to 50 to 60,000 vehicles on any given day on Highway 90. It can be dangerous for pedestrians. If you’re playing “Pokémon” and you’re down by the Biloxi lighthouse, please use the crosswalks down there by Porter.”
Biloxi city officials tell News 25 they also do not want “Pokémon” players to interrupt the wedding parties planned at the Visitors Center this weekend.

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