Safe social media practices

Today at St. Patrick High School, students got a lesson in practicing safety while using the internet and social media.
An active FBI agent was there to give students advice on how and when it is safe to use the internet and went over how to protect personal information from online predators.
Students also learned that if you aren’t responsible with social media, strangers can access most of your online activity in less than six clicks of the mouse. Ninth grader Dale Edwardson said, “Living in this day and age, people are more glued to their electronics and just means that you have to stay a lot safer. Although it’s good, it’s not bad to stay on your electronics and keep up with social media. You’ve got to stay aware and you know, it’s important now more than ever because there are more ways to find you and get more information about you.”
The number one rule kids were taught during today’s lecture was ‘never meet a new person online.’

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