Safe driving tips for the new year

Biloxi DUI enforcement shares a few tips to stay safe this New Year’s Eve.

Have a plan! Before you go out, know where you’re going and how you’re getting home. Have all of your Uber, Lyft, and Taxi apps updated and saved in your phone.

Plan a place and time for your designated driver to pick you up.

It’s not worth the risk of walking into 2021 with a DUI and in jail if it all could have been prevented. Biloxi Police Department DUI Officer Jason Cummings said, “We’re going to have extra officers out tonight, specifically looking for impaired drivers. Just remember drinking and driving you can get a DUI. Also, if you use drugs, you can still get a DUI. It’s not just alcohol. If you’re going to drink have a plan. Don’t drive. Have someone sober, call a friend. We got Uber. We got Lyft. We have taxies. We have many, many ways to get home safe.”

Driving impaired is not worth the life of someone else or your own. Drive into 2021 safely.

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