S.R.H.S. Trustees Reject Call for Resignation

The Singing River Health System (S.R.H.S.) Board of Trustees has rejected the call for resignation by the Jackson County Board of Supervisors.

Officials for S.R.H.S. say that they do not believe the resignation would be in the best interest of the healthcare of the citizens of Jackson County. They believe that the resignation would leave the healthcare system with a governing body that has no prior knowledge or experience overseeing the administration.

Michael J. Heidelberg, President of the S.R.H.S. Board of Trustees, says, "But at this particular point in time, it’s not a time to start pointing fingers and say you should resign or you should resign. At this point in time, what we need to do is come together as a community and work together to look into the issues and resolve them."

The Board of Trustees says while they respect the Board of Supervisors and the role they play in the community, they believe they are on the right track toward financial recovery.

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