S.R.H.S. Launches 3rd Shape Up Pascagoula Contest

Singing River Health System’s (S.R.H.S.) Healthplex is launching their third annual Shape Up Pascagoula.

With Mississippi’s high obesity rates, trainers with the program want to help participants lose weight and keep it off. Fourteen small groups compete in a "biggest loser" type program. This year’s goal is for the entire group’s collective weight loss to hit at least 360 pounds. Trainers say the small group format is the key to their success.

Logan Stogner, a Healthplex trainer, says, “What we found is that that is so critically important for adherence. A small group is 68% more likely to stick with training than a private, one on one client. So what we have is 14 small groups, and that group increases adherence. They’re much more likely to stick with exercise if they’re training with friends. They become friends throughout the program.”

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