S.E. Pavement Preservation Partnership

Today we received a sneak peek at some of the techniques that could be used in the restoration and preservation of the roadways of Harrison County.

The Southeast Pavement Preservation Partnership brought together public and private groups to showcase some of the different methods for preserving concrete and asphalt pavements to maintain roads while making our tax dollars go further.

There’s a possibility we’ll see some of these methods being used locally in the near future. South Mississippi Planning and Development District are currently evaluating every mile of road within Harrison County. Angel Kibler-Middleton with the Harrison County Board of Supervisors said, “We will actually have results in give or take four months. We will have actual video and if you come to my office and say I want my road paved. I can sit down with you, review the video of your street with you and say here’s your street, but Landon Road really needs to be paved first. That’s what we’re doing right now. We are paving Landon Road which is a heavily traveled road in dire need of some upgrades.”

Today’s demonstrations were attended by several state departments of transportation from Virginia to Texas including Puerto Rico.

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