Ryan’s Wednesday Night Forecast

Interesting weather we have down here in South Mississippi, no? This time (10:00 PM) last night we were still seeing some strong thunderstorms in the area, and today was an absolutely majestic day. While today was clear and sunny, the forecast does call for more rain right around the corner. Tomorrow will start out much like today did, a bit cooler with light cloud cover, but cloudiness will increase throughout the day and isolated rain showers are expected in the early afternoon. These showers will likely continue throughout the day, finally clearing out of the Gulf South by early Friday morning. This will take us into the weekend amidst beautiful conditions leading to a pleasant and warm weekend. It looks like things will remain nice until right around Thursday, where another frontal system will begin forming which could lead to a few rainy days as we head into next weekend, but that is still several days out and will need further study to determine timing and details.

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