Ryan’s Tuesday Night Forecast

Tuesday night’s forecast was an interesting one. Severe weather was expected to our North, but nothing much more than isolated thunderstorms moved through the six coastal county area. We will see a few lingering showers as we head into the overnight period, then rapid clearing into what will end up being quite a nice day in South Mississippi. Expect mostly sunny skies, with a high near 68, and North winds around 10 mph. These changes won’t last long though, we will see more clouds and rain chances moving in as early as Thursday morning, lasting throughout the day and into Friday morning. Since our local atmosphere will already be fairly stable, it will be hard to get much more than showers jumping off for Thursday. Afterwards, we’ll see the rapid influx of high pressure again, leading to clearing skies, and less humid conditions as we head into the weekend. Temperatures will return to the low 70s by the beginning of the next work week, and the official start to Spring is right around the corner.

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