Ryan’s “Tropical Tuesday” Forecast

You might as well call today “Tropical Tuesday” since we saw the development of the fifth named Atlantic storm of the season, TS Earl. This system is expected to intensify into a Category 1 hurricane within the next 24 hours, but not expected to have any significant impact on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Most models are in consensus that Earl will continue on his Westward track across the Yucatan Peninsula where significant weakening will be expected.

Locally, we received quite a light show tonight as a late forming thunderstorm slowly pushed down Hwy 49 bringing heavy rains and dozens of lightning strikes. Things have calmed down now though and I expect us to stay right around 78 for the rest of the evening with a very small chance of continuing showers over inland areas. Tomorrow will bring another hot and humid day except this time with a 40% chance of afternoon thunderstorms, high near 93. The heat lingers for a day or so before we’ll see some gradual cooling as we head through the weekend and into next week. Basically, from Saturday through next Tuesday we’ll see afternoon highs between 91 and 90 along the waterfront and a 30% chance of afternoon showers every day. Don’t expect this pattern to change drastically any time in the week or so.

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