Ryan’s “Summer Nights” Monday Forecast

The Monday forecast is calling for more heat, but luckily we’re starting off with a bit of a break because of slightly drier/cooler weather. Tonight’s low will bottom out near 73, with light winds from the South and mostly clear skies. Tomorrow will have light cloud cover, Southerly winds, and lots of sunshine, leading to an afternoon high near 90. There is a very small chance of afternoon showers, not expecting to see much rain until the weekend, but the possibility is there. The temperature gradually increases day by day until we max out near 95 for Friday and Saturday. These are also the days with the highest rain chances, and even then it’s only around 20% at this time so prepare for a beautifully sunny South Mississippi week. Tonight’s full moon is known as a “Strawberry Moon” (due to it’s color when rising and setting as well as proximity to “picking season”) and is also the first time in nearly 50 years that the Summer Solstice and a Full Moon have coincided…little trivia there for you.

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