Ryan’s Monday Night Forecast

It’s a shame that Easter’s weather wasn’t as good as today’s but Monday’s forecast holds some rainy promises as well. Today was sunny, with plenty of blue skies, and only a few puffy clouds hanging around, but the humidity was very near uncomfortable levels in areas without much air circulation. Those humidity levels will only increase over the next two days as a new frontal system will begin moving into the area, but we’ll see some light fog potentially developing along the coastline tonight. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be very similar, but we will see increasing cloudiness throughout the day, ultimately leading to a mostly cloudy evening and showers moving in Wednesday. From 7 am Wednesday to 7 am Thursday we are in a “slight” threat for severe weather, which is really the standard threat level, so we’ll be monitoring that situation as it develops, but it would be prudent to be weather aware during this time. The showers stick around for a few days, but seem to begin clearing just in time for the weekend, and it looks like we’ll start next week with some sunnier skies and cooler weather.

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