Ryan’s “Fry-Day” Night Forecast

The heat advisories expired yesterday for our neck of the woods, but the forecast calls for more hot and humid days…just not as hot. Tonight looks to be another warm one though, low near 80, with light Southerly winds becoming South as we head into tomorrow. Tomorrow’s high will max out near 92, but don’t be surprised if it feels more like 100. Winds will remain light, but afternoon showers become much more likely in the coming days, with 30% for tomorrow and 40% for Monday & Sunday. Once the showers move in to start of the week, we’ll cool down slightly due to the cloud cover, but I’m expecting 89 to be about the lowest we get for quite some time. The middle of the week will clear up some, but the clouds will never go completely away and the small chance of showers lingers around as well. By next weekend we will have returned to the mid-to-lower 90s on the waterfront.

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