Ryan’s Flooded Friday Night Forecast

We have been out of the severe threat for the entire day, but that doesn’t mean the forecast is full of good news. Rain will continue throughout the evening but the heavier sections are moving more towards the East leading to a difference of an inch or more in forecasted totals between Harrison and Jackson Co. (Gulfport at 1.08″, Pascagoula at 2.25″). Regardless, the Gulf Coast will see more rain, generally light, but consistent and lasting into the afternoon hours tomorrow. We will begin to see clearing as we move into Sunday (don’t forget to “Spring forward!”), but “wrap-around” moisture will give us another pop of clouds Monday morning, but these will clear out quickly as well. It’ll feel get to see the sun as we head into next week, but it doesn’t last too long, as another frontal system begins to move into view as we head to the weekend.


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