Ryan’s First Monday of Spring Forecast

Well, here we are, the first weekday of spring and we’re seeing temperatures in the upper 50s. Strong frontal systems passed through several times over the last two weeks, bringing high pressure to the area as well as the first unobstructed view of the sun we’ve had in 5 days. These cooler temperatures will last another day before we return to the 70s, but as nice as it is, even these dry conditions won’t last forever. We’ll begin to see cloud cover increasing as we finish off Wednesday, with thunderstorms moving in as early as Thursday at noon. It seems likely we will at least be under a “marginal” severe threat, but we’ll continue to monitor that situation as we get more and more information. Unstable conditions stick around even though the cold front moves on, allowing for a chance of isolated rain showers Friday through Sunday, meaning that your Easter weekend may get a bit soggy. Stay tuned for further updates through the week.

P.S. Due to an issue with our video capture system, I don’t have the clip from the weather segment. I apologize, and hope the “Bus Stop Forecast” will hold you over until tomorrow evening.

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