Ryan’s “Finally Friday” Forecast

Well it’s finally Friday and the weather held off pretty well today. We had very few showers in the early afternoon and we’re still seeing a few more light showers out there now (around 11 PM). We’ve still got about 5 degrees to lose to hit my expected low tonight, near 78, with light Southerly winds shifting Westward. As we head into tomorrow, we’ll see a similar day to what we had today, but expect a slight increase in cloud cover and rain chances, near 40%. Otherwise, we’ll have a partly sunny day with an afternoon high of 91 and light Westerly winds moving South. New developments in the tropic are slightly worrisome. We have two new areas of possible development moving Westward away from the African Coast, and they are moving into an area favorable for development, at least for the time being. Near the middle of next week one system will be moving into the Caribbean while the other will still be a few days off. At that time we’ll be able to have a better idea of where these systems will go (if they make it that far that is) and how strong they may be. Each day this week will be very similar. Expect a low chance of afternoon storms nearly every day and temperatures to linger in the low 90s. We will see some gradual heating thanks to nearby high pressure, but I have it maxing at 94 on Wednesday, and then cooling due to cloud cover and showers as we head into the weekend.

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