Ryan’s “Drier Monday” Forecast

There were a few localized showers and thunderstorms today, but overall it was a much drier Monday and we’re expecting a drier week as well. Don’t get me wrong though, we’ll still see showers in the afternoon, but like today they’ll be few and far between. Tonight’s low will bottom out near 77, with light winds from the Southeast and mostly clear skies. As we head into tomorrow, expect mostly sunny skies and a high near 91 along the waterfront, warmer inland. Showers are possible during the afternoon, but I don’t expect them to be a major factor and will only serve to cool us off by a few degrees in the big picture. Heading into the tail end of the week we’ll see a slight bump in rain chances, and some warmer temperatures, but still expect very little change in day to day weather patterns for the next week.

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