Round Island Lighthouse Opening

Pascagoula’s Round Island Lighthouse has stood the test of time. It’s been battered, beaten and scattered by Hurricanes George and Katrina. It moved from the Barrier Islands of its namesake to the mouth of the Pascagoula River. Tomorrow, city leaders and residents will gather at this historic icon as it opens its doors to the public.
When you cross over the Pascagoula River Bridge into Pascagoula, it’s pretty hard to miss. The Round Island Lighthouse has been welcoming visitors and residents to the city for years. Friday afternoon, this historic icon will open its doors to the public. City of Pascagoula Public Relations Specialist Anne Pitre said, “It’s been a 15 year, $1.5 million renovation effort. That included moving the base of the lighthouse from Round Island to the foot of the Pascagoula River Bridge.”
Landscaping crews are hard at work, preparing the grounds for Friday afternoon’s grand opening, which wouldn’t be happening without community support. Some are taking a stroll down memory lane, reconnecting with their own experiences with the lighthouse in past years. City of Pascagoula Grants Administrator Beth Meyer said, “The community also came out and gave from their hearts. So many people had so many stories and being involved in the restoration project, I think that was one of the best parts was to hear everyone’s personal connection to the lighthouse.”
When visitors finally make their way to the top, they’ll be met with a view of the Pascagoula River. Don’t take this view for granted, getting the lighthouse here was no easy feat. “It’s actually a marvel of engineering at this point,” said Pitre, “It’s earned our engineering contractor, Comptons, a little bit of recognition at the state and national levels. It’s also won some preservation awards at the state level.”
It’s also well preserved.It’s a beacon of light for those passing through and a reminder of days gone by for those who have roots here.

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