Rosita’s holds restaurant grand opening in Ocean Springs

Rosita’s Dipping Tacos in Ocean Springs held a ribbon cutting before welcoming in a hungry crowd.

Rosita’s first began as a dream. Rosita grew up in Mississippi, but would visit family in California. There she could indulge in all the food she loves: birria, elote, and so much more.  Her family loved the food so much they had to share.

Rosita and her mother, T.J., started selling food out of a tent before they could afford a food truck. Now, they’re officially opening their standalone restaurant. “We were born and raised in this area, but my father’s family was out of Los Angeles. So, we would go during summers to go visit, and we would go to swap meets and all these other things, and see all this amazing food. Food trucks on every corner. And, so, I wanted to bring that home. When I would come home, I’d cry because we didn’t have all this good stuff. I wanted to bring it.”

Rosita’s Dipping Tacos is located on Washington Avenue near Fort Bayou Road. It’s open everyday except Sundays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.