Rob Martin’s “More Rain Potential” Thursday Night Forecast

Finally some rain arrived today, with most of it ending up in George County where there was briefly a severe t-storm warning. Our high pressure area responsible for the heat is giving some ground to a low-pressure moving toward Florida/Georgia. Showers and thunderstorms will break out along the western rim of this system and rotate down into our area late afternoons and evenings through Saturday. The high-pressure aloft will be getting squeezed both north and south away from the local area. Losing the sinking air from that high pressure will allow for some afternoon convection to start developing, with only a marginal risk (level 1 out of 5) of anything severe popping up.

Coverage will vary from around 20% to upwards of 50%. Looking at the atmospheric column, gusty winds are and some hail are possible with the strongest storms of the day. Most, if not all storms, should stay sub-severe but there’s non-zero chance for a storm to become severe. One plus to rain chance returning will be daytime highs a degree or 2 lower than they have been, with perhaps more cooling Friday and Saturday.

After a short change to the pattern allowing storms to return it looks like we will swing back to drier/hotter regime starting Sunday and amplifying next week. However, both temps and humidity are expected to be a bit higher this time around, so it’ll feel more like summer then.

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