Road work headache for businesses on Howard Avenue

A portion of Howard Avenue is currently closed, but the street itself has seen disruptions for well over a year.

Those businesses along Howard Avenue want you to know they’re still open.

Road work, it’s always a headache, but if you own a business near the work it can be a nightmare. Burger Burger Owner Martha Ebberman said, “It has really affected our business because this has been going on for almost two years that it’s been here and people just couldn’t get here. We’ve lost a lot of business because of it.”

Ebberman says while it is frustrating to deal with the roadwork, she understands it has to be done. “They’ve tried. I mean they’re under the clock, too, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can get here. We’ve never closed the restaurant for anything and we’re just blessed because we’re still here.”

Hemphill Construction has been doing their best to help businesses on Howard Avenue, even placing signs around the area reading ‘local businesses open ahead.’ Cecilia Dobbs Walton with the City of Biloxi said, “They are big about letting us know whenever they are doing work in this area. They are leaving a road open so people can come in and out and get to the businesses in the area they are working in.”

This work has been a bit easier to manage for other business owners that don’t rely as heavily on walk-in customers. Biloxi Bicycle Works Owner Bart Luther said, “It’s been painless. This construction is moving along very, very well. It seems like the men doing everything are very easy to talk to.”

Williams Distributing Owner Danny Williams said, “We get in and out without any problems. They’ve always been very nice and I think that the city is doing an excellent job in renewing the streets that need to be fixed.”

The city says the road work should be done by Mardi Gras, but until then these ‘open for business’ signs aren’t going anywhere.

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