Road Improvements in D’iberville

The roads may be bumpy for a short time, but infrastructure and beautification projects now underway in D’iberville will pay off in the long run.
The city is parlaying thousands of dollars into these improvement projects, all slated to be done just in time for the opening of the city’s first casino.
If you’re in D’iberville within the next two weeks, you might be taking a few detours. These detours are all because of a project to revitalize the quality of infrastructure in D’iberville. Robby Ellis, D’iberville City Council Ward 4, said, “Our goal is to really just to make a safe and effective working road system and update it a little bit to where we have proper turning lanes, proper signage, nice bright lines.”
The $400,000 project is paving the way to improve eight new roads, including Boney Avenue and D’iberville Boulevard. “The biggest concern here is with the increased traffic flow, it’s just an intersection that needs attention because it’s not designed for this amount of traffic to come through,” said Ellis.
Thanks to a $20,000 grant from Lowe’s and the city matching that grant, a project is underway to put $40,000 worth of landscape beautification along Rodriguez Road off I-110 and other areas in the city.
Public Works Director Mike Mullins said, “The city of D’iberville needs to step up their game. There’s going to be thousands of people getting off the interstate to head there. We need to have our stuff looking up to their standards with all of the other businesses in D’iberville.”
The Scarlet Pearl is slated to have a soft opening December 15th and the city says they’re right on track to meet that date. “It is so hard to put on a project during the summer time when it’s raining like it does, but Roy Anderson and the owners of the Scarlet Pearl and, particularly, the neighborhood have all worked together to make this project move as quickly as possible,” said Director of Community Development Hank Rogers.

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