Returning serviceman surprises girlfriend

Today a man returning home from deployment in Kuwait surprised his girlfriend at her work in Gulfport at a head start program, but little did she know the other surprise he had planned.
News 25’s Taylor Rubach has more on the story with a very happy ending.
“Hello my name is Dywan Sanders. I’m about to surprise my girlfriend of two and a half years. I just made it home safely from Kuwait.” The Arkansas native was patiently waiting with flowers, a card, and a balloon, all to surprise his girlfriend Tkeyah Mallard for her 26th birthday. Little did she know Sanders had more up his sleeve. “It’s just a feeling, you, back and forth like should I do it? Should I not? Hey, why not, you only live once, just go for it.”
After deciding to take a shot at a lifetime of love, Sanders gets down on bended knee. “I love her more than words can describe. I just can’t even write a paragraph. It’d just have to be almost the stars, the encyclopedia, things like that,” said Sanders.
Now home for good, Sanders and his new fiancé say they’re ready to begin their new lives together, along with their daughter.

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