Residents and staff at Ocean Springs Health and Rehab Center receive COVID-19 vaccine

Hoping for change, Ocean Springs Health and Rehab Center administered the Pfizer vaccine to their residents and staff.

After 25 years working at the Ocean Springs Health and Rehab Center, April Hedert, director of business services, was confident in her decision to receive the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. “I was excited. I was very excited. I may get a little emotional. It’s been rough watching residents or family members get sick from this.”

Parents and administrators are both excited to receive the COVID vaccine. They feel this is really the only way to get back to how life was 11 months ago. Resident Beverly Glass said, “Go outside and do whatever I can do. I thank them. It’s very nice of them. We need it.”

About 80 percent of seniors living on the property agreed to take the COVID vaccine. Director of Operations Kris Drake tells News 25 keeping patients educated about the vaccine made them want it more. “Clear up some of the misnomers about the vaccine to give people more confidence at entertaining the vaccine.”

Administrator Mary Ann Loiselle said, “Our company has one great providing us with all the information that we need, prayer, and I just felt like it was the right thing to do.”

While five percent of the county’s cases have occurred in long-term facilities, deaths related to COVID-19 in these facilities account for about 36 percent of pandemic fatalities. “To hear our leader talk about what we have been through and what our patients have been through and their families haven’t been inside in 11 months. We haven’t had dining in 11 months. We haven’t played games in 11 months and to hear him talk about that process that we’ve all been through just meant a lot.”

“Our patients need this. Our families need this. Life hasn’t been the same since COVID started.”

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