Residents clean up after Nate

Tree limbs and debris covered many streets and front yards across the Gulf Coast.
Pascagoula residents spent the majority of Sunday morning cleaning up what Nate left behind. The piles of debris lined Mississippi’s flagship city as residents worked hard to get things back to normal.
Residents told News 25 they were thankful that they only saw minimal damage from this storm. Pascagoula Resident Dr. Bob Donald said,”We have been seeing branches and stuff like that all over the ground. It’s really dirty outside and messy so we have been help cleaning up. We had power out for like a few hours, for like an hour maybe, so it was a long night, a long and scary night. It’s a concrete house, you know we tried to build it for a category 5 storm last time. It’s a fortified home, I think one of the first ones in Mississippi. We have a couple of fans, you know that spun so fast the fan blades broke and then we have got some screening that something went through probably part of the fan blade may of gone through it too but that’s about it. I don’t think we got much else.”
Most Pascagoula residents say their homes were back to normal by Sunday afternoon.

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