Residents at Boyington Health and Rehab center receive COVID vaccinations

A shot is a small price to pay when it comes to the big picture, that’s just what residents at Boyington Health and Rehabilitation Center tell News 25 as they line up for their first round of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The year long COVID pandemic has been far-reaching, isolating all segments of the population, but among the hardest hit are our elderly, something long-time health care providers know first-hand. Gulf Coast Health Care Community Liaison Lisa Fountain said, “The only other really big event we have had to deal with was Hurricane Katrina. Now with the pandemic, it’s the same-starting over, trying to pick up and trying to make the best out of what we can.”

That’s just what Sandra Cole and Danny Clemmons are doing. They were among the first residents at Boyington Health and Rehabilitation Center in line to get their COVID vaccinations Thursday morning. Clemmons said, “I’ve been looking forward to it to be honest with you. I feel confined in other words. It’s been that way since March. My mother used to say you can go stir crazy.”

Right now, the Gulfport Senior Care Facility only allows outdoor visits, in line with CDC regulations to protect those who live here, but the walls close in for some like Sandra Cole who misses her family. “I haven’t seen my grandkids or my daughter in a while. I miss them!”

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves says 95-percent of our state’s senior care facilities should have administered COVID vaccinations to their residents by the end of this month. As for this facility here in Gulfport, residents are expected to get their second shots soon. Gulf Coast Health Care Director of Nursing Shane Sumrall said, “What will happen is we’ll have our second round of COVID vaccines. It will be on February 11th at 10 am. The goal is to eventually have our family members to be able to come in and see their loved ones. Hopefully they can come in and see them soon.”

Not soon enough for Sandra Cole! “Grandma loves y’all, and keep coming up and asking these folks to let you in!”

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