Residents Ask City of Biloxi to Preserve House for Historical Purposes

Today residents plead with the city council to save a house that’s an eye sore to Biloxi.
Just beside the Visitors Center on Porter Avenue, sits a house that survived Katrina and a house fire last July. Some residents who live near the property want to see the history of the house preserved. The city of Biloxi bought the property to save the green space of the house but not the house itself. They are looking to tear it down since 50% of the structure would have to be replaced just to move the house, according to Development Director Jerry Creel.
Other residents fear for the safety with the house being left in its current condition because homeless people have been found dwelling under the home.
“The outside faucet at my house gets used. When I take my dog out at night it’s worrisome because I don’t what I’m going to encounter. So, the longer this goes on the worse it is for me,” said Carol Koules who lives near the house.
The city council decided to table the motion to destroy the house and research more on what it would cost to preserve the house. They will make a decision at the next City Council meeting.

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