Requesting Pick up for Flood Debris

The City of Gulfport wants to remind everyone that scavenging through debris from flooded homes is illegal. If you have a pile that needs to be picked up, report it.

City ordinance prevents the rummaging and removal of curbside garbage and debris without proper approval due to privacy concerns and contamination from the flood waters. Police are on the lookout as they’re making extra patrols in flood damaged areas. Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes said, “Some of it’s just respect for people’s property even though it’s trash and to be thrown out, but there could be things in there where you might cut yourself or get hurt that you don’t see and so we just want to get our crews out there as quickly as possible. We need to make sure that if somebody’s going to have a debris pile or something out in front of their home that needs to be picked up, they need to call 311 and let us know because we’re going to start on that very quickly.”

To request pick up for a pile of debris, the city asks you to call 311 or 228-868-5700. To report illegal scavenging, call 911 or 228-868-5959.

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