Republican gubernatorial candidates address voters at the Neshoba County Fair

Yesterday was a big day at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia! It was Coastal Mississippi Day as well as the day gubernatorial candidate gave political speeches to fairgoers.

The Neshoba County Fair is a staple in our state as “Mississippi’s Largest House Party” with entertainment, food, races and of course the beautiful cabins, but it has also become a place where political candidates can give that final push for their campaign prior to the primary election.

All of the candidates on the Republican ticket were at the Fair and gave lively speeches to the large crowd that gathered around Founder’s Square. Those three Republican candidates being former State Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller Jr., current State Representative Robert Foster, and current Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves. Each gave the crowd reasons as to why they are qualified and a good fit to lead our state.

Education was a hot topic for each candidate, but in different ways.

Some spoke on college debt, others on career opportunities rather than college for high school graduates.

Bill Waller Jr. said “This is past year, we had over 1,000 teacher vacancies and, folks, the people that want to enter education has slowed to a trickle. Folks, we have a crisis. We’ve got a problem. I have a problem with Mississippi having the highest paid superintendent and our teachers being some of the lowest.”

Robert Foster said “We put everybody on this one track path to college 20 something years ago and it’s been an absolute failure in our public school system. It’s not the teachers’ fault. It is our fault as government to put the students on this one track path because everyone is not meant to go to college.”

Tate Reeves said “If we are going to see long-term economic growth, we must improve the educational obtainment level of our citizens. I am committed to spending more money on public education and we are spending 400 million more dollars today than we spent just four years ago.”

Some other pressing issues candidates addressed during Thursday’s political speeches were health care, flooding in the Delta, job creation, and roads. And with primary elections happening in less than a week, these issues were expected to be addressed, with these speeches serving as a final push to sway voters their way come Tuesday.

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