Report: USM’s Jay Hopson advised not to hire Art Briles before interview

At the risk of beating a dead horse, there’s a new development in a story from earlier this month regarding Jay Hopson’s attempt at hiring Art Briles as the new offensive coordinator at Southern Miss.

According to a report from Stadium published last night, USM Interim Athletic Director Jeff Mitchell advised Hopson to go in a different direction two days before the arrival of the formerly disgraced Baylor head coach in Hattiesburg.

On February 2nd, there was an email from Mitchell to Hopson, one of 80 obtained by Stadium through a public records request.

In part it says “Regarding the prospect of hiring Coach Briles as OC, I can’t get to a place to support it. The simple fact that he’s the subject of a current NCAA investigation and that we’re still on probation from our basketball infractions years ago leads me to firm conviction about this matter. This is the right thing to do and it is in the best interests of the university. Please go in another direction for your OC hire.”

Hopson interviewed Briles on February 4th. University administration decided not to hire him on February 6th and then released a statement to clear the air on February 11th.

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