Replacing Lights along the Beach in Pascagoula

If you walk along the beach in Pascagoula early in the morning or in the evenings, it may be a little darker than usual. The area will be without lights until mid-December.
Replacing the lights along the walking path is part of the city’s beach promenade project to revamp the waterfront.
Starting today, lights will be cut at the westernmost end of the promenade and slowly but surely crews will make their way east. The city is asking residents to take caution in this area.
While the improvements might be an inconvenience for now, residents tell News 25 they’re excited about what the finished product will look like. Pascagoula resident Annette Jowers said, “It’s been a long time in the making. They had a plan out after Hurricane Katrina to redo it and it’s also for beautification and things like that. It’d be safer for bikers as well with children with bikers and buggies and things like that. Also for walkers, they’re out in the road and then bikers can get over and it will be safer.”
When completed the beach promenade will include a 10 foot wide concrete pathway in addition to decorative lighting, bike paths, drinking fountains, fire pits and more.

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