Replacements for the Biloxi Wade-In Markers damaged in storm coming soon

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History state marker for the Biloxi Wade-Ins is set to be reinstalled.

The original was lost in hurricane storm surge two years ago.

The marker will be reinstalled at the same location as the original near the seawall at Porter Avenue by the Biloxi Lighthouse.

On Sunday, February 20th, a ceremony and unveiling will take place with a relief tent with chairs that will be available in the adjacent parking lot. Biloxi NAACP President James Crowell said, “When the other marker was there, there was a lot of tourists and a lot of other people who would stand there and read that marker who probably didn’t know anything about the history of that beach and that would allow them to learn what had happened and how they can now, some blacks that were there, can now walk on that beach because of Dr. Mason and their bravery in going down there.”

The replacement marker will resemble the original with the same wording and Mississippi State magnolia flower on the top.

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