Renew our Rivers

It was all hands on deck in Jackson County for Mississippi Power’s 11th annual Renew our Rivers.
News 25’s Laurene Callander takes us through the Pascagoula River for a closer look at the cleanup.
Over 100 volunteers revved their engines and cruised down the Pascagoula River Thursday morning to clean up debris on the water and islands, but it is not your typical litter. Volunteer Kim Washington said, “All types of things from tires to refrigerators, old sunken boats, microwaves. You name it, it’s out there.”
This stems from Mississippi Power’s 11th annual Renew our Rivers, a 23 countywide initiative to rid the Magnolia State of garbage. The total amount of trash collected is shocking. Mississippi Power Spokesman Jeff Shepard said, “Ten full years of cleanups and then almost all of our cleanups this year, we have two more to go this year. We’ve cleaned up more than 330 tons of debris for more than 20 waterways in South Mississippi. Here specifically on the Pascagoula River, we’ve removed 40 tons of debris since 2008.”
Volunteers picking up trash hope to make an impact not just today, but for future generations on the Gulf Coast. “When we come out on the river, it’s not just as employees, but our families and friends enjoy it. We want it to be a viable activity for our kids and grandkids and really the future of this community,” said Washington.
Over six hours of effort showed as piles of debris covered the Little River Mariana, out of harm’s way.

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