Remembering Zaylan Sparkman

The Gulf Coast community came together through fellowship to support each other and the family of a six-year-old who lost his life on Friday.
It was a somber Sunday for members of St. James Baptist Church in Gulfport as dozens of heavy hearts gathered for the first service since the passing of six-year-old Zaylan Sparkman. Pastor Eddie Johnson said, “As you know that this can be a tough situation for anybody to go through, especially a six-year-old. The entire family was affected.”
It’s been days since the child passed away from a gunshot wound, but the pain is still fresh for those who knew him best and those who didn’t know him at all. Even though this was a time of mourning and grief for the entire community, friends and family came together to remember some of their favorite things about the six-year-old. “His smile and that dancing. He loved to dance. He would put that little one hand. I loved him.”
His family says they’re grateful for the priceless moments they were able to share with Zaylan in such a short time frame. “We consider it a blessing that we got to spend his sixth birthday with him before his passing. We asked him what do you want to do for your birthday and he said a party at Chuck E. Cheese and we gave him that party at Chuck E. Cheese.”
Doing their best to carry one, the family is focused now on faith as they try and cope with the loss of a life gone too soon. “Just depending on God for strength more so than anything to help us get through this. It’s hard every day, every day.”

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