Remembering William Lee Brumfield

People Across the Coast continue to mourn the loss of their friend local businessman William Lee Brumfield.

Pastor Nick Peeples said, “When I got the news, it was disbelief at first. No, that couldn’t be.”

Those who knew William Lee Brumfield are still in shock following his death Tuesday morning. The 64-year-old died after being struck by a vehicle that hit the sand off of Highway 90 near Cedar Drive in Gulfport.

Brumfield made his mark on the Coast and beyond through real estate ventures. Ocean Springs Ward Four Alderman Rickey Authement said, “He has the Sands, he has the shopping center pretty much in the middle of Ocean Springs, he has property on Ocean Springs Road, he has the cabanas, and the list probably goes on.”

While Brumfield was known for his many businesses and real estate ventures, friends say that it was his friendship and personality that really shined bright.

Pastor Nick Peeples of Crossroads Church of the Nazarene says Brumfield’s faith served as a guiding force in his life. “He was always quoting scripture and talking about God and the role of God in his life, and his faith, like I said, it was something that he lived out every day.”

As they process this tragic loss, those who knew him well say they’ll carry warm memories of their friend moving forward. Friend Donovan Scruggs said, “We definitely had our conversations about football, and we had our conversations about a number of different things that were not work related. He was just all around a good guy.”

And a legacy that will carry on for years to come. “His legacy’s alive in many different areas and ways.” “He was just a really true person.”

Brumfield is survived by his brother Al, a niece and nephew, and his dog Rebel.

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