Remembering Terra, Jean and Spencer

Tonight hundreds came together in George County to remember three young community members that were killed in a tragic accident over the weekend.
Central Elementary School, where both Terra and Jean Dixon were enrolled and Spencer Havard had previously attended, hosted a candlelight vigil for family, friends, and classmates.
Earlier this afternoon, representatives from the George County School District told News 25 this event was planned to remember these children and allow their friends and classmates to cope with the tremendous loss. Pam Touchard with the George County School District said, “That’s what George County is all about. We are a family. We’re together. We’re a team. Everybody pulls together. When one person hurts, we all hurt. We’re in it for the children, whatever it takes to raise these children, we’re going to do it together. On Monday, when we reported to school, we had groups come into the cafeteria and we had groups come in to the gym and speak to them. It was devastating to those children to know their classmates would never return.”
Also injured in the wreck was the mother of those children. She is still hospitalized and receiving treatment for her injuries.

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